The Fate Series


🌟 "A Spellbinding Journey of Elemental Magic, Intrigue, Romance and Destiny” 🌟

The Matching Series

Clean YA Paranormal / Urban Fantasy

Read the series that is being raved about by teenagers and adults alike!

Meet Author Tara Lytle

Tara Lytle is the talented author behind the captivating Fate Series, and enthralling Matching Series. She draws inspiration from her love of wholesome young adult fantasy and clean paranormal romance. With a steaming cup of hot chocolate, her Spotify playlist, and an open word document, she embarks on crafting worlds where love, adventure, and epic fantasy intertwine. Tara Lytle’s passion for the genre fuels her creativity, resulting in two completed series in the last three years and more novels on the horizon. If you’re seeking enchanting tales that transport you to new realms, her books are a delightful choice! 🌟📖

For more of Tara Lytle’s wholesome romance and epic fantasy, explore her website and join the adventure! 📚✨